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Superhero Dance Party: Spider-Man

Our last hero to drop in is the ol' web-head, Peter Parker.  I'll try to figure out how to put all these knuckleheads together sometime in May.  Stay tuned and keep jammin'!

Superhero Dance Party: Superman

Superman skips!

Superhero Dance Party: Iron Man

The Starkmeister has entered the par-tay:

Superhero Dance Party: Black Panther

Did someone say "House Party?":

Superhero Dance Party: Lockjaw

I'll be doing this dance when Lockjaw finally makes it to film (and not in a Fox Fantastic Four film):

Superhero Dance Party: Aquaman


Superhero Dance Party: Hulk

Well, it's not quite dancing, but it'll do big fella, it'll do...

Superhero Dance Party: Scarlet Witch

This witch is twisty:

Supehero Dance Party: Wolverine


Superhero Dance Party: Sandman

Morpheus isn't sure at first, but then the beat carries him away:

Superhero Dance Party: Doctor Strange

The Doctor is "in."

Superhero Dance Party: Rocket Raccoon

Rocket doing an homage to Chuck Berry and Howard the Duck:

Superhero Dance Party: Captain America

Someone's been a big hit at the box office...

Superhero Dance Party: Batman

Who knew that the Caped Crusader was such a lousy dancer?

Superhero Dance Party: The Flash

Rockin' the 90's.

Superhero Dance Party: Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas!  The party is in full swing now, Luke Cage has arrived. 

Superhero Dance Party: Ghost Rider

Ol' flame head does a very passable Pasodoble.

Superhero Dance Party: Wonder Woman

Wopnam Wonder Woman!

Superhero Dance Party: Madman

Ginchy!  You know your party is hip when Madman shows up!

Superhero Dance Party: Storm

Winding up the week is the wonderful wizardess of weather: Storm!

Superhero Dance Party: Martian Manhunter

Well, it's been a few days, but the shoulder is feeling better.  Just wanted to take a moment to get on my high horse about something:  take care of your body!  If you're an artist, musician, computer programmer, writer...whatever, someone who's passion requires a bit of sedentary activity (oxymoron?), make sure you are paying attention to your body.  I ignored a twinge in my shoulder for some time, and I've paid for it with a not very nice flare up of Repetitive Strain Injury.  I wasn't putting any thought into my studio set up and forced my arm and back to work for hours and hours and hours in a position they were never meant to be in.  I'm fixing it, exercising and doing a better job of setting up my work space, but I've got a feeling it'll be a while before my arm is back to feeling "comfortable."  So, just wanted to say: look after yourselves, take breaks, exercise, and please please please, if your body say's "STOP," liste…

Superhero Dance Party: Silver Surfer

I've been having a bit of a shoulder problem that stems from using a Wacom Pen Tablet non-ergonomically.  I think I've got it sorted, but I need to let my shoulder rest and recuperate, so this will be the last superhero for a few days.  I'll keep you posted and be back the meantime, here's that mercurial dreamboat with the power cosmic:

Superhero Dance Party: Hellboy

This works really well with T. Rex:

Superhero Dance Party: Zatanna

Zatanna's channeling a bit of Fosse, but she would, right?

Superhero Dance Party: Thor

Next to arrive at the party is the God of Thunder: The Mighty THOR!

I'm planning on putting together a group animation every few days...but until I figure out how to do that, here is our next solitary dancer:

Superhero Dance Party: Green Lantern

Superhero dance party won out.  Here's our first party goer:  Green Lantern: